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Mi a thaimasszázs?

Traditional Thai Massage

This originates in the Ancient East. The main effect of the massage is to balance the energy system. The massage tries to ensure a free energy flow by pressing and stretching the muscles. The masseuse presses the energy points with their thumb, palm, elbow, knee and foot. The efficiency of the massage is increased through moving and crcking the knuckles. The objective is to (physically and psychically) remove paind and tenseness and to achieve a flexibel, reaxed condition.

Our masseuses are qualified at the most famous massage schools in Thailand.

For these treatments we provide special, comfortable clothes to our guests. The massage is applied on mats laid on the floor.

If any case of medical problems please turn to our reception staff to fulfil your needs!

Herbal Massage

This type of massage is a combination of medicinal herbs will be wrapped in the cotton cloth and heated over a steamer or hot pot before use to knead frimly on the aching and pain areas. While applying the heat and the absorption of medicinal herb will help to heal and relieve the tension of the aching muscles. It will also help to improve the respiratory function and act as natural skin antiseptic, helping to cool and smooth the skin. The bag full of herbs contains more than 15 herbs.

Thai oil massage

Thai massage with oils is s special version of the traditional Thai massage. In this case the massage is not given in clothes. Touch and sensing the fragnances together have a beneficial effect, directly through the skin. The oily massage stimulates circulation, the volatile oils embrance the body and take their effect through inhalation. It helps purification, strengthens the imune system, makes skin more elastic and silky. It revitalizes the tired soul.

Thai foot massage

Foot massage originates in Ancient Chinese Medicine, and it has been applied in Asia for more than 300 years. It prevents and cures several illnesses.
Almost all of the sensing nerves originate from the foot. The foot massage stimulates the activity of the intrnal organs, balances the activity of t he blood and lymphatic circulation, imporves endurance, boosts immunity, purifies the body, revitalizes the quest and promotes long life. the masseuse uses her fngers and special sticks for t he massage, togethr with special creams and oils.
The foot is the map of the body. If there is a diesease in the body, circulation is not sufficient and the given point of the foot will be sensitive or painful to pressure. If this point is massaged the circulation of the cönnected members will iprove.