Gyakori kérdések

  • How much does it cost?

The prices depend on the premises of the Thai massage saloons. You will find the prices under the entry ‘Shops’.

  • How long does it last?

You can choose the duration of the massage. You can ask for a 30-minute-massage or a three-hour-regenerating massage.

Our guests usually request the massage which lasts for an hour and a half because our masseuses can reach a perceivable effect in this time.

We also recommend this massage.

It is advisable to leave a little time for relaxation after the massage since most of the guests are in a very pleasant, relaxed state. You might need a few minutes while you ‘get back to normal’ from the physical and mental experience.

It is recommended to have a drink after the massage.

  • Is there a discount?

Yes, there is. We provide

  • – 10% discount in the case of a season ticket for 5 occasions,
  • – 15% discount in the case of a season ticket for 10 occasions,
  • – 20% discount in the case of a season ticket for 20 occasions

if you pay for the season tickets in advance. (It is important that the season tickets are transferable and with them more guests can use our service at the same time.)

  • Can it be arranged in another place?

Sessions can be arranged at company events, high-class hotels, but not at your home.

We rather suggest that you should visit one of our massage saloons because there you find the original environment and the equipment which are necessary for a good massage.

  • Which masseuse should you choose?

All our masseuses are equally well-trained, with the master certificate of the world-famous Bangkok ‘Wat Po’ Buddhist massage school and with several years of experience.

Basically, the technique of every masseuse is the same in its structure since they all mastered their knowledge in the same school.

However, each massage may be a little bit different because each masseuse’s personality lends variety to the basic technique.

Moreover, the treatments are tailored to the guests’ individual needs.

The management of Siam Center highly approves of it.

It is advisable to try other masseuses occasionally and then decide whose massage technique is the most suitable for you.

Because of the interaction of the energy levels of the masseuse and the client it is possible that an even better result is achieved.

This is natural considering the characteristics of the massage.

  • Who is it not recommended to?

It is recommended to anybody above 16 years of age. However, as most therapeutic treatments, Thai massage would also be contraindicated in some cases. These are:

  •  serious cardiac failure,
  • high blood pressure,
  • malignant tumours,
  • osteoporosis,
  • prosthetic devices (e.g. hip-, or knee prosthesis),
  • dermatological disorders (e.g. warts, open wounds, bruises, psoriasis etc.),
  • pregnancy,
  • serious varicose.

It is a basic rule that if there is a serious change in one’s state of health, it is important to act cautiously, and it is advisable to consult the doctor on the possibility of application.

  • What should you bring with you?

Nothing. We provide the necessary clothing and the towel for the massage.

However, if you would like to take your own clothes, it should be pyjamas-like clothing, made of thin, natural cloth.

In order to feel well, it is advisable not to eat too much before the massage. If you can, please try to unwind before the massage and prepare for it mentally so that your body can receive it more effectively.

  • Opening times

It is different in every shop. You will find the longest opening hours in our Thai Massage Center in Budapest (4. Kádár Street, XIII. district, opposite West End City Center). The opening times can be found under the entry ‘Shops’.

  • Can you pay by bank card or credit card?

Yes, we accept bank cards and credit cards in most of our saloons.

  • Do you have to make an appointment?

Yes, you should make an appointment about 24 hours before the massage, this way we can find the most suitable time for you.

  • How can you communicate with the Thais?

It is not usually a problem. Use the never-failing body language!

Most of them understand English on a basic level.

Should you have any communication problems, ask our receptionists for help!

  • Should you give a tip?

Our Thai masseuses are given proper salary, all-inclusive.

Nevertheless, if you are satisfied and you would like to give a tip, a sum between 500 HUF and 1000 HUF is enough.

  • What is it not to be confused with?

We would like to point out one very important fact. The original Thai massage that we do is a regenerating, refreshing, healing massage, which is not to be confused with any kind of erotic massage.

During the massage the guest and the masseuse wear comfortable cotton clothes from head to foot, only the guest’s feet are not covered.

If you have time, please share you comments with us! Your opinion is appreciated since we are trying to do our best for the satisfaction of our guests at the Siam Center.