Are you looking for fresh ideas or useful gifts for your relatives, friends, partners, colleagues?
You can bring joy for birthdays, name days, Christmas or any other occasions with the Thai massage gift ticket, offering a delightful experience.
The person who receives the present must only make an appointment on the telephone with us!

Gift ticket frontGift ticket backWhat do you have to know about the gift ticket?

  1. It is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
  2. Our company guarantees that during validity it provides the guest with the stated service, at the highest professional level, in the stated saloon, at a previously arranged time. We do not change the service, refund money, or give another ticket if the original was lost.
  3. Before using the gift ticket, please call us so that we can find the most suitable time for you!
  4. The gift ticket can be purchased in any shop.
  5. We will deliver the ticket which has been pre-paid or paid by bank transfer to the agreed address with post or courier service.
  6. Please, bring the gift ticket with you to the massage!